Is this DSB watching Elvis?



“I usually don’t watch TV, but Sunday AM I was flipping channels and came across a program about Elvis. What caught my eye was a fan in the audience that looked like Shirley.


I have a DVR, so I ran it back and unless she has a double in the world (of which I doubt as she is very unique looking) I would say it was her. Her hair is lighter in color (I thought her hair was jet black) but looks like her to me.


I have read that she was an Elvis fan. No reference in the credits, but I did determine that the show was at the International Hotel August 10 to September 7, 1970.


Elvis did two shows per night, one at 8:15 PM and one at midnight before a capacity of 2200 people per show. I am not sure what show Shirley was at but she probably was performing in Vegas then.




Thank you very much, Gary. It sure looks like her.

Like most women, Dame Shirley’s hair has been various shades over the years. Always looking good.

 What do YOU think? Is this Shirley in 1970?

Comments from any fan always welcome! 


Everyone loves the King!

DSB totally adored him.