(Non DSB) Congratulations George!

Teenage breakdancer George Sampson has triumphed in this year’s Britain’s Got Talent. The 14-year-old had been knocked out in the preliminary stages of last year’s contest but came back to snatch top prize this time around. I’m adding this to the blog so that DSB fans outside the UK will enjoy seeing George’s great dancing… and the other outstanding finalists. Who said variety is dead?

The finals of Britain’s Got Talent was exceptionally good this year. Last year Paul Potts won, and got his big break to a career in popular opera.

The other finalists who I really liked, and hope you enjoy, included:



 Andrew Johnston

Faryl Smith

Last but not least, Signature

 All equally brilliant!  Britain does have talent.

Bassey’s the best Bond

Thanks to Scot for this rarely heard 1968 song.

All her fans must wish the producers of “Quantum of Solace” would reconsider giving the song to the best Bond babe ever.

This sounds like a Bond song but isn’t. But it makes you wonder what a 2008 Bassey voice could do for the new film.

If anything, her voice has become more suitable, more smokey, more mysterious, for the Bond sound. It would radiate out of the cinema speakers like a furnace.

Never say never again! Dame Shirley still has it!

Here are Scot’s notes to his YouTube addition. With another good slide show to enjoy.

“1968: Shirley Bassey has recorded theme songs for a quite a number of movies in addition to her three James Bond Themes.

This song titled, ‘My Love Has Two Faces’ was recorded for the movie, ‘Deadfall’ staring Michael Caine. The song has a mysterious feeling to it in the tradition of the Bond Songs and this John Barry and Jack Lawrence song thus is another perfect vehicle for Bassey’s big voice!”

Bond songs

Part 1


Thanks to Pieter

James Bond fancies Beyonce

Speculation is increasing about Beyonce singing the theme song to the next 007 movie.

Personally I wouldn’t be surprised because she is American, dependable, and will appeal to a world audience.

What do YOU think?

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