Newspaper cuttings

As we already know, Dame Shirley’s out!

Out of hospital, thank goodness. In convalescence at home, watching the French Open tennis on telly -as by coincidence I have been doing via Eurosport satellite.

Getting ready for her appearance on the mega Mandela gig on 27th.

Thanks to Bigspendah for these cuttings from UK national newspapers…


Blues In The Night

Cast your mind back to the days of vinyl gramophone records.

Let’s spin Shirley on an LP.

Thanks to Gramophone Forever.

Juke box jury


Portrait of an early Shirley

Thanks to Gary for these observations:

“YouTube has recently turned into a “juke box”. There has been a lot of audio only of Shirley. Other than the Cafe De Paris EP that I bought on eBay, I had never heard any really “early Shirley” recordings. I was blown away by what I have heard.
The YouTube clips with just a shot of a phonograph are the best. “The Banana Boat” song is outstanding. Great remaster. I remember Harry Belafonte’s recording but her version is much better. I do not recall it released in the USA, but it probably would have been a big hit.
“The Gypsy In My Soul”, “Puh-leeze Mr.Brown” and “Stormy Weather” are also some of my favorite really “early Shirley” recordings. Her voice was quite different (also with more of an accent) and has (to my ears) changed over the years.
All of the changes sound equally great, of course. I am not being a “critic”. I like every decade of her recordings.”
Fair comment, Gary. All fans must surely be grateful to Scot, Pieter and so many more who have brightened our lives with additions to YouTube featuring Dame Shirley. This blog would be less fun without them.
Our shared objective is simple – to promote DSB to a wider audience and support existing fans.
Nobody’s a stalker or a pirate here. We genuinely love DSB as a unique artist, and celebrate her professional career. This is by the fans for the fans 🙂