Banana Boat Song 1957

Dame Shirley’s first chart hit 51 years ago.

How can that be? As we all know, she’s 29 years old 🙂


LP cover

By Soulkombinat on Flikr

(Non DSB) Maxine Barrie – NY NY

(Non DSB)
Maxine Barrie as Shirley Bassey at Gran Canaria Pride

From Emma:

“Glad to hear our one and only is getting better. On a lighter note, here’s a full clip of DSB impersonator Maxine Barrie, who I’m sure most fans have come across.

She sings ‘New York, New York’ in true Bassey style. Her vocals are very good, though you can hear it isn’t Dame Shirley, but she LOOKS very much the part. It’s almost as if it is actually Dame Shirley, only sporting a different singing voice!

Doesn’t replace the real thing, though.”

Thanks, Emma.

I had the pleasure of meeting Maxine at Joe Longthorne’s 50th birthday party at the Paradise Room in Blackpool. She is delightful, immaculately presented and very much a huge fan of DSB. She’s a Tribute Act in every sense of Tribute as an acknowledgment of gratitude, respect, and admiration.

Maxine’s physically bigger than the Dame but definitely looks like her, very pretty. I’ve been told by other fans that DSB doesn’t like tributes. We respect her view. There is a demand, and a sincere tribute is a kind of promotion in itself.

There are hundreds of tribute acts, for dozens of artists and groups. Some are very good. Dame Shirley has had Beatles tributes herself as the first act special guest at concerts in Cardiff Castle and the Liverpool Pops.