(Non DSB) Dusty’s masterpiece

Lots of DSB fans also love Dusty Springfield.

Dusty appeared as a guest on one of Dame Shirley’s TV shows in 1979. She sang a beautiful song that coincided with her return from a successful period in the USA:-

I’m Coming home Again

Please click on the following link for the video. Thanks to David for the link and to Scot for adding it to YouTube in 2006:-


Please note that Dusty sings after one minute into the 5 minutes clip.

David was in the BBC TV studio audience, and recalls-

“Dusty had to do this twice, but in the studio she was a sensation and we all stood for her, the fab DUSTY.

 Bless Her!! A good song for DSB. I shall never forget Arthurs Greenslade’s face – sheer delight!”