Looking good for Mandela’s 90th

Every fan must be glad that DSB is still determined to appear on the 27th.

There;s more about this on icWales -click here for their page

So the Dame will meet the Hero!

(They have met before)

The event will be broadcast live on ITV1.

I’m hoping it also might be on High Definition with 5.1 Surround Sound, or available later on Blu-ray Disc.

DSB deserves HDTV!

If anyone knows more, please send your info. This blog depends entirely on communicative fans.

We all wish Dame Shirley good health and every success in Hyde Park.




Don Black 70th Birthday

A great bit of news…

Lyricist Don Black has reportedly invited DSB to his private 70th birthday celebration.

Don has also asked Joe Longthorne to perform at the party.

As soon as any further details are known I will post them here.

His many songs include the lyrics of Diamonds Are Forever and Born Free.

Don was born free on 21st June 1938.

(Non DSB) NTB’s Led Zep feast

(Non DSB) Never The Bride have added two videos to their YouTube recently.

The rock group who wrote DSB’s spine-tingling ‘The Living Tree’ continue to amaze.

With a magnificent symphony orchestra, Nikki does justice to Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir.

One of the best rock songs ever.

How can you follow that?  With Stairway To Heaven, that’s how!