Bassey pulls out of Mandela gig

Bad news about Dame Shirley: she’s pulled out of the Mandela concert.
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Bassey not performing Friday

From Scott:

Big disappointment for Bassey and all her fans.

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On Doctor’s Orders Shirley Pulls Out Of Mandela’s Concert‏

It is with great sadness that we announce to Dame Shirley Bassey’s fans around the world, all excitedly awaiting her headlining performance at Nelson Mandela’s concert, that Dame Shirley has been forced to pull out the show for health reasons.
Despite her recent emergency stomach operation, Dame Shirley was determined to recover in time for Friday’s event, but she has now been advised by her surgeon that she’s not ready to travel and perform in her ‘give it everything way’ that we know and love her for.

She had been looking forward very much to meeting up with the great man and being a part of such a special and exciting event, and is so gutted not to be able to attend.

Love to one and all from a very disappointed Dame and all at Camp DSB

Message from DSB’s official web site reproduced here.

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