Shirley in the Charts!

New CD Out Monday August 4th
New CD Out Monday August 4th

Just a little reminder that next week (4 August) sees the eagerly awaited CD release of ‘At The Pigalle / Live At Talk Of The Town’ from BGO.  It’s available to pre-order from for the amazing price of £8.99.  That includes postage for the UK but I understand postage is reasonable to other parts of the world too. 

As I write this she is No 3 in their Easy Listening pre-order chart which is brilliant as they have only had it available for a couple of weeks.  I’m sure that the quality will be excellent and it will be like being in the audience at these two great performances.


I want to take this opportunity to say a very special thank you to Ivan for the really fabulous banner he has done for the blog.  As many of you are probably aware he had done several banners previously for Peggy and so Ed asked if he would kindly do a new one for us.  I did not see it until the blog went live and I have to say I am really impressed with it.

Ivan you are a genius and the banner looks so professional.  I thank you on behalf of all of us connected with the blog.  I know that when the time comes for a new one I for one hope you will do it. 

Thank you once again.

Astrid’s Simply Bassey #1

Hello and welcome to Astrid’s Simply Bassey, a new section on the Bassey Blog. Some of you may know me already, my name is Astrid and I am German. Although I am from Hamburg in the North of Germany, I now live in Aalen in the South of Germany. I’ve been a big fan of Shirley Bassey for years and I love her voice, passion and style.

Astrid’s Simply Bassey will be an simple and unashamed celebration of Shirley Bassey in pictures and music. I’ll be selecting some of my favourite photographs and songs on a regular basis for you to enjoy. As English not my mother language words will be kept to a minimum (Ed is helping me with this welcome message) and please do excuse any mistakes that I might make. I sometimes joke with friends that when it comes to English I only understand or speak “Shirley English!” 🙂

Those of you who do know me will know that my main passion is collecting videos of Shirley Bassey and I have amassed a huge collection of recordings over the years, many of which my friend and fellow collector Pieter will be featuring on his video section of this blog. I’m always looking to meet new video collectors to swap videos so please feel free to get in touch if you’d be interested in swapping with me.

I hope you will enjoy my postings on this blog. If you have any photos that you’d like me to feature, a favourite song or any suggestion at all please let me know.

… and to start off with some screenshots from an AIDS Gala concert at the Theatre Champs Elysees, Paris in 1987. This video was recently posted on Youtube and I love it.


And the song for today is April in Paris… 🙂



Welcome to the New Blog!

Shirley Bassey - Photo taken at the time of "La Mujer"
Shirley Bassey - Photo taken at the time of "La Mujer"
Hello and welcome to the new ‘Bassey Blog’.  I’m DavidB and I will doing the blog itself.  I have been a fan of Dame Shirley Bassey since forever or so it seems.  I was just a school boy way back in 1960 when I ‘discovered’ our Dame or plain ‘Miss’ as she was then.  My friends thought I was mad as although she’d had some hit records she wasn’t really the ‘in’ thing!  I just told them to ‘watch this space – she’ll be around when I’m 60’!  Little did I know then that my words would come true and she’d become the world’s greatest entertainer.

I’ve followed Shirley Bassey’s long and distinguished career since then.   All the highs and the lows and she’s always been my number one!!  I’ve made quite a number of friends through being a fan and I’m lucky that most of them are still friends today.  In fact several of them I rank amongst my closest friends.  One in particular has been a friend for around 35 years!!  Mind you it nearly did come to an abrupt end when, after one concert, she left me standing in Nottingham city centre holding her handbag while she disappeared running down the road after Shirley’s tour bus shouting ‘Wait for me’!!  Two hours later she returned and I’d been subjected to a large number of rude comments in the meantime.  I still have no idea what she did during those two hours but I know she didn’t catch the bus!!  I did eventually forgive her but I never hold her bag anymore even for a second!

Sorry I digress!  I’ve been fortunate to see Shirley numerous times both in England and Holland.  I still feel the same excitement today as I did the very first concert I went to back in 1964.  She never fails to mesmerise me.  I’m totally oblivious to everything and everyone around me the minute she walks on stage.  I’ve collected LPs, EPs, Vinyl Singles, Cassettes and now CDs from around the world.  These days I tend to concentrate on collecting CDs.

I hope that I will be able to share some of my memories with you and also tell you of some of the albums and CDs I’ve collected over the years.  Any news will be posted as soon as I hear it and hopefully there will be something for everyone.  I will keep you informed of any new CD releases as I learn of them.  I also hope you will let me know what you like and what you want to see on the blog. 

In different sections (which can be accessed on their own from the categories list at the top right) Pieter from Holland and Astrid from Germany will be posting videos and photos from their fantastic collections and will be introducing themselves when they post for the first time.  Hopefully together all three of us will make the blog something you will enjoy logging on to for a regular Shirley Bassey fix!

Let’s not forget that we owe a lot to Peggy who did a fantastic job and we thank her for all her hard work.  Without her and her dedication there would be no blog in the first place.  We wish her well for the future and hope that her health improves and hope she will be proud of the fact that her blog proved to be so popular that it was decided to continue with one.  Thank you also to Ed for all his hard work and encouragement.  I need him in the background to keep me in line!!!


Blog’s on holiday


is this blog’s motto, and it would be nothing without the constant stream of fantastic material from fans around the world.

I’m on holiday for two weeks so the blog will be taking a short break.

If there’s any breaking news Ed will add it, or anything else he likes!

There are over 1,500 pages for you to browse or revisit if you wish and the links on the left will take you to many other useful sites.

If you’d like to send any material please “Keep it coming” and I’ll try and catch up on return.

The purpose of this blog is simply to promote our favourite singer, it’s not for profit, and certainly not for my ego as some fans have said!

Back soon, refreshed and revitalised. We all hope that will also be the case for Dame Shirley after her convalescence from her tummy trouble.

Get well soon!

Hasta la vista,


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