There was a DSB reference on some panel TV show t’other night. These UFO things in Wales.

 There had been a glowing and humming somewhere in Wales …

“Oh, that was just DSB warming up her pipes …”

Thanks to Ross

Out of this world!

Thanks for your sponsorship

Congratulations to Susan (Bigspendah) on the amount raised for charity by her fun run in June:-
“A very big THANK YOU  to everyone who sponsored me in the Race For Life to raise vital funds for Cancer Research UK.
Friends, relatives and colleagues have all been extremely generous and the final sum collected was £528 🙂

Many thanks once again!

Susan x”

There is always time to donate to this wonderful charity via their web site, where you can discover more about their work. There’s a scheme where you can donate £2 a month by direct debit.


Together we will beat cancer