More about DSB Airport


Further to the previous page dated 1st July, here’s an article from the Daily Telegraph about the possibility of Cardiff Airport being hopefully renamed Dame Shirley Bassey International Airport.

Thanks to Gill for kindly scanning and sending the article for other fans to see.

There are enlarged copies further down this page that are easier for you to read.

Happy Landings!





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(Non DSB) Feinstein S’Wonderful

(Non DSB) Thanks to Patrick for this interesting video…

One of the exciting things about your blog is that you appreciate other singers. In this respect I would love to share with you something I just discovered, a singer called Michael Feinstein singing “S’Wonderful”.

Of course we all know that the Dame sang a much upbeat version which nobody can match. But it is nice listening to the other slower version.


  Michael Feinstein, at the piano and with a small group, in an extract from an Australian TV show from 1998, sings the Ira and George Gershwin tune “S’Wonderful”