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is this blog’s motto, and it would be nothing without the constant stream of fantastic material from fans around the world.

I’m on holiday for two weeks so the blog will be taking a short break.

If there’s any breaking news Ed will add it, or anything else he likes!

There are over 1,500 pages for you to browse or revisit if you wish and the links on the left will take you to many other useful sites.

If you’d like to send any material please “Keep it coming” and I’ll try and catch up on return.

The purpose of this blog is simply to promote our favourite singer, it’s not for profit, and certainly not for my ego as some fans have said!

Back soon, refreshed and revitalised. We all hope that will also be the case for Dame Shirley after her convalescence from her tummy trouble.

Get well soon!

Hasta la vista,


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All Sold Out Part 3 of 3

Completing this 3-part series of a rare film as explained in previous pages.

Discovered on eBay and quickly snapped up.  Then professionally transferred to DVD for all fans to enjoy.

Thanks to Astrid and Pieter.


Our Gown Guru, Ian adds:
I think these are from 1971. The Red Sequin Gown cut off style worn
here was remodelled in 1988 into the red sequin gown as worn in
Barcelona 1990 and UK tour 1991. Love to see this whole concert! BBC or someone should release them all on DVD for us millions of fans!!