Spectacular Diamonds Unveiled!

Below is a report of a cocktail party hosted by jeweller Graff in Monte Carlo on 31st July that was attended by Dame Shirley Bassey.

It’s nice to see DSB out and about again after her recent illness.

When it comes to spectacular diamonds we all know that Shirley is the most spectacular of them all!

Graff Unveils 224-carat Diamond Necklace

MONTE CARLO – British jeweler Graff rocked Monte Carlo by unveiling a 224-carat necklace, with all the diamonds cut from the same stone.
The key attraction at a cocktail party for its elite clientele here last Thursday, The Lesotho Promise necklace boasted 26 white D-flawless diamonds, the most valuable on the grading system. All were extracted from the 15th largest rough diamond ever found, a 603-carat stone discovered in a mine in Lesotho, South Africa, last year and snapped up by Graff.
Other rare gems displayed in the palatial Salle d’Empire at Monte Carlo¹s
Hotel de Paris included The Flame, a 100-carat pear shaped D-flawless diamond, along with a multi-colored display of Graff¹s finest diamonds and emeralds.
“These are the best diamonds in the world,” asserted chairman and founder Laurence Graff, who noted he¹s already received two offers for the Promise although neither was high enough. “We’re still waiting.”
Guests in sparkling dresses ranged from local socialites to Russian billionaires. “I’ve never seen stones like this,” said singer Shirley Bassey, a Monaco resident. “I had to come because of my song – “Diamonds are Forever,” she quipped.

Shirley Bassey at Graff Cocktail Party in Monte Carlo
Shirley Bassey at Graff Cocktail Party in Monte Carlo

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