Tallulah – Free Download

Shirley’s goddaughter Tallulah Rendall has recorded a new single called ‘Only You’.  To hear this song you can download it for free.

Go to  http://www.tallulahrendall.com/


DavidB’s Favourite?

I am regularly asked by people what my favourite Shirley song is.  I always find it very difficult to answer because I can change my mind to depend what mood I am in.  There are a number of songs I play regularly because of the memories that are associated with them.

If I was asked are there any songs I hate then the answer would be easy – yes!  There are several I dislike with a passion and never, ever play.  I totally dislike ‘Come Back To Me’.  That terrible note at the end!  She sounds as though she has something trapped was a comment my grandmother used to make whenever she heard it and I am of the same oppinion.  Jimmy Young used to play the song regularly on his Radio 2 programme and I could never understand why he chose it.  To me there were far better songs he could have played.

I have to admit that I prefer the big, powerful, emotional ballads.  ‘As Long As He Needs Me’ is up there as it was the song that brought Shirley to my attention.  ‘It’s Yourself’ another which really does it for me.  ‘Jesse’ (my late mother’s favourite), ‘What Now My Love’ (my late father’s favourite) are both played regularly also.  What about ‘I (Who Have Nothing)’, ‘The Greatest Performance Of My Life’, ‘The Hungry Years’ and the brilliant ‘This Is My Life’.  The list just goes on.

Sitting and thinking about it seriously there is one song that stands out.  Whenever I hear Shirley sing it I go cold.  Whenever I’ve seen her sing it in concert I’m totally mesmerized, have a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes.  I just cannot help it.  The feeling and emotion she displays while singing this song.  It really tears at my heartstrings.

The song?  It has to be ‘Born To Lose’. Here is the studio recording…

And a live recording from Sydney, 1978 (including Shirley introducing it)..

For another superb live version, stay tuned to Pieter’s video showcase of the fabulous Berlin 1987 concert. You’ll not want to miss that one!

Astrid’s Simply Bassey #4

Two further screenshots from the brilliant concert Pieter is showcasing