The Wait Is Over!

At last the wait is over and BGO’s latest release is here! Once again it’s really well presented.  A very attractive slip case and a great booklet enclosed.  Although there is a small mistake regarding the title of one of Shirley’s albums the write up in the booklet is good.  It gives information about the two albums and is not a biography about Shirley which makes a refreshing change.

Previous releases by BGO have been really well remastered so what about this set?  I know the Pigalle album has been released on CD before but once again BGO have shown they are the masters of giving us terrific quality CDs.  In February 1964 EMI recorded Shirley’s performance at Carnegie Hall to be released as a live album.  It was deemed that the quality of the recording was not good enough and so EMI decided not to release it.  Eventually they decided to record the opening night of her engagement at the Pigalle in London’s Picadilly.  The Pigalle album was recorded some 18 months after her appearance at Carnegie and the difference is quite amazing.  She appears far more relaxed and confident than she did at Carnegie.  it could be that it was cabaret as opposed to a concert performance.  As soon as the CD started to play I knew immediately that the quality again would be exceptional.  Crystal clear as the previous releases from BGO have been.  I particularly liked the piano on ‘The Other Woman’.  As far as I’m concerned I will forget the previous release of this on CD and listen to this one. 

Five years on and ‘Talk Of The Town’.  Once again it is obvious Shirley has really grown in confidence and it comes over.  The Talk Of The Town was not a particularly small venue.  I saw Shirley perform there in 1967, but that’s another story.  I have always liked this recording and so was delighted it’s now available on CD.  A slight problem at first as during the intro and ‘Something’s Coming’ there was a distortion at times through the left channel.  It was off putting and I began to think that the whole CD would be the same.  I have to say that by the end of the song it had disappeared and I never heard it again.  I loved listening to this in all it’s entirety and liked some of the banter in between songs.

Was it worth the wait?  You bet it was!  Once again it’s congratulations to BGO and thank you for another great release.  It’s another wait now for ‘Live In Japan’ but I just know we are all going to be in for a real treat when that arrives!

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