BGO Success

It appears that the ‘Pigalle / Talk Of The Town’ CD from BGO is selling very well and it is great that it is such a success.  Quite a number of fans have spoken to me and told me how impressed they are with the quality of it especially the Pigalle recording.  I have played the original CD from the ‘Live’ set that EMI issued and then this BGO one.  The quality of the BGO is far superior and I have to be honest and admit that I have played it quite a number of times since getting it.

When I first heard that Andy Gray, the owner of BGO Records, was planning on releasing the Carnegie Hall 1973 on CD I didn’t really know what to expect.  It had already been released by EMI on their double ‘Live’ set and I found that release ok.  There were other recordings I desperately wanted on CD.  I thought, quite wrongly as it happens, that BGO only released rock albums!  What were they going to do with Shirley?  Any worries I had that their releasing a Shirley Bassey album was a very big mistake disappeared immediately I got the Carnegie CD in my hand.  Beautifully presented and well researched.  I liked the look of it and I was certain that it would be as good a quality as the EMI one.  When I did play it I couldn’t believe I was listening to the same recording.  Beautifully remastered and the sound was crystal clear.  All the CDs that have followed have been given the same treatment and I know many fans who are very impressed with these releases and grateful that we have them.  It also gives newer fans the opportunity to listen to Shirley as she really sounded.

BGO deserves it’s success and deserves to sell many copies.  I know that HMV have sold their original stock and are waiting for fresh deliveries of this latest release.

If you haven’t already bought it or not sure what to expect, I have chosen two tracks from the Pigalle recording for you to listen to.

The Other Woman…

and La Bamba…


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