Shirley defies age!

This interesting review was pointed out to me and so I thought I would post it so you could all read it.  It was written by Ben Jennings and appeared in The Free Lance-Star (Fredericksburg, VA USA).  Shirley certainly does defy age and she can still show the ‘youngsters’ a thing or two!!


The problem with famous people is that they will, inevitably, get old. Look at Hollywood–it’s full of wrinkly has-beens. But perhaps what scares people the most about aging stars and musicians is the fear that they will lose their touch, that they won’t be as good as they were back in the days when they didn’t have crow’s feet and arthritis. One of the few people who may not have to worry about that so much is Shirley Bassey.

Dame Shirley Bassey, as she has been titled, made a name for herself by singing the themes for several James Bond movies (including “Goldfinger” and “Diamonds Are Forever”), creating instant hits. Throughout her long career, she also has produced a number of impressive pop releases. Among the most notable is her 2007 album, “Let’s Get This Party Started.”

This album, released in recognition of her 70th birthday, seems to place a heavy emphasis on the fact that Shirley Bassey is still alive and kicking, with song titles like “This Is My Life” and “I Will Survive.”

Those who listen will be quite surprised by what they hear. Along with covers of popular songs such as “Let’s Get This Party Started,” Bassey has recorded her own original songs, including “The Living Tree,” which was quite a hit in Britain.

But that won’t be the only thing that catches the listener off guard. Interestingly enough, Bassey has retained that distinctive sound that has set her apart since the beginning of her career. She seems to be able to weave elements of the James Bond theme into every one of her songs, be it the chord progression or a harmony line.

Furthermore, Bassey, who is almost old enough to be a great-grandmother, uses expletives quite frequently, as well as some risque lyrics in songs like “Can I Touch You There” and “Kiss Me Honey Honey.”

Although hearing an old woman croon messages and lyrics that people her age shouldn’t use may be weird, those who are willing to ignore or accept the lyrics will hear well-crafted songs, without each tune sounding the same.

Shirley Bassey knows music; she has been doing it for long enough. She can still perform with the same energy and sensuality that she always has. Just try to forget that she’s going to be 72 next January