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Stops The Shows / 12 Of Those Songs
Stops The Shows / 12 Of Those Songs

BGO have done a terrific job in the past by remastering and releasing some of Shirley’s back catalogue.  Their last release, the magnificent ‘Live In Japan’ was exceptional.  I have not been disappointed with any of their releases so far and I know I will not be with their next one.  To be issued on 3rd November it will see the remastering of two of EMI’s Columbia albums on CD for the very first time in their entirety.  BGO CDs are usually beautifully packaged with good sleeve notes and judging by the look of the front of the sleeve this will be the same.

I’m particularly pleased that ‘The Sweetest Sounds’ will make it’s debut on CD.  I’ve always liked this song so I’m looking forward to hearing it remastered.  One song though that could be left off and disappear forever is ‘Come Back To Me’.  I cringe whenever I hear it – it’s that terrible end note!  Sorry folks but although she is my all time favourite there are a few songs I cannot stand to hear her sing and that is one of them.

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