Jean Reade

It is with great sadness that I have learnt today super Bassey fan Jean Reade has passed away after a long illness.   Jean has been a devoted fan of Dame Shirley’s and has followed her career over many years.  She went to Shirley’s concerts all over the world and many TV recordings.  When the opportunity arose to see Shirley then Jean would be there.

I would see Jean at concerts and tv recordings and always have a laugh and share memories of Shirley and discuss what CDs we had got.  Both Jean and her sister, Audrey, were always so very friendly.  Whenever I hear ‘Born To Lose’, one of my all time favourites, I always think of Jean and will do even more so now.  It was after a concert in Sheffield when Shirley sang it and Jean came up to me and said ‘I saw your face when Shirley started to sing ‘Born To Lose’ and you were totally mesmerised!  I love it when Shirley does that to a fan!’

Jean, if ever I get to see Shirley live again I will think of you.  I’ll see your smiling face and remember how much joy you got out of seeing Shirley.

Rest In Peace.