Opening of the Cardiff International Arena 1993 Part 6

alw-1993On September the 10th. 1993 Shirley Bassey opened the new Cardiff International Arena (CIA).
The concert was broad-casted by the BBC. on September the 17th. and released on video. It was a very busy year for Shirley. It was also the year she received a CBE from Her Majesty the Queen, went on tour arms parkwith Ray Charles and Liza Minelli, the 10,000 Voices concert in Cardiff Arms Park, her 40th. year in showbusiness, and Shirley on “This is your life” # 2. Also that same year her album “Shirley Bassey sings the songs of Andrew Lloyd Webber” was being released. (To order your copy of this wonderful CD click on the CD cover).

videocassette Cardiff 1993 CIA

cia 14

cia 15

cia 16

cia 17

cia 18

cia 19

To order your copy if this great concert click on the videotape


Please feel free share your memories and thoughts of this great concert with us!

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