Shirley at Elton’s bash!

Dame Shirley made her appearance at Sir Elton John’s  ‘White Tie and Tiara’ ball.  She is seen arriving wearing a purple gown.  At one point she flashed her nails to show they were the same colour as her gown.  She usually attends this annual event which is held at the singer’s home in Windsor.

Flashing her nails!
Flashing her nails!


Dame Shirley has also commented on the sad death of Michael Jackson.

In a statement, Bassey said she was shocked and devastated at the sudden death of the pop icon.

“I have very fond memories of Michael with one dinner in particular where he renamed me Lady Goldfinger. For the rest of the time I knew him that was my name. He was an icon and the King of Pop, quite simply magic.”

Shirley mentioning Michael Jackson at  2’08 in the Monaco interview

“The Goldfinger Lady”!

From the CD “All by myself” and the DVD “A special lady” this great Michael Jackson song “He’s out of my life” sung so beautiful by Shirley, accompanied on the piano by Richard Clayderman.

5 thoughts on “Shirley at Elton’s bash!”

  1. Dear David, Pieter and Astrid,

    Finally, new photos of Shirley! She looks like a million bucks……lovely, beautiful, trim and radiant!………Someone, please get this woman back on TV and in concert!!!

    A beautiful and luminous smile to light up our lives in the midst of all this sorrow about Michael…….

    Thank you!

    Warmest Regards,


  2. I whole heartedly agree with hope.
    the WORLDS NUMBER 1 DIVA looks AWESOME and we all need to see her in concert again ASAP.


  3. Dame Shirley looked liked a million dollars going to Eltons bash = just looking at these photos sets my heart a racing! – how great to see our Shirley looking so well and as always sooooooooooooooooo glamourous!!!



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