New Album Recorded

Manchester 2003
Manchester 2003

It seems as though the new album has actually been recorded and it is being mixed ready for release later this year.  I have seen information about this on a couple of sites.  There was an article in Variety about it and David Arnold, the producer of the album was being quoted.  The article is copied below :

Shirley Bassey, who belted such James Bond themes as “Goldfinger” and “Diamonds Are Forever” to the top of the charts, is back in the studio again, this time collaborating with the current architect of the Bond sound, composer-producer David Arnold (“Casino Royale,” “Quantum of Solace”).For Bassey, 72, the still-untitled album on the Geffen label will be her first new CD in more than a decade and her first pop album made in a contemporary style, where the music tracks are laid down first and the vocalist comes in later. (She enjoyed a top-10 dance hit, “History Repeating,” with Propellerheads in 1997.)

The concept, Arnold told Variety, “is to make a serious studio album with a great singer, to explore all facets of her abilities and personality.”

“Shirley has sung so many different styles,” Arnold says of the singer said to be the U.K.’s most successful female artist ever. “She is probably best known for the big ballads and the Bond themes, but ‘Big Spender’ and ‘Kiss Me Honey Honey Kiss Me’ show her playful and provocative side. (In choosing the songs), I tried to do something which honored all aspects of her character.”

All but one of the songs are new, Arnold says, although the names of the writers and specifics of the tunes are being kept under wraps for now. The performer, who became Dame Shirley Bassey in 1999, recorded her vocals earlier this month at Ireland’s Grouse Lodge (where R.E.M., Bonnie Raitt and Snow Patrol have also recorded), and Arnold is mixing. Geffen is slated to release the album this fall.

Danny Clifford also reported the following on his website.  He is the photographer who took the photograph that is currently on the new official website announcing a new album and website is on the way.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Dame Shirley Bassey in Ireland

I was picked up by my driver Martin Moorby just after 5am and driven to London Stanstead airport. My flight was at 8am. I was sooo tired. Anyway, off to Dublin I went. Arrived all in one piece and was collected by Ray O’Hara. He drove me whilst I was trying to sleep to deepest darkest Ireland. In fact we were heading for a recording studio, almost bang smack in the middle of Ireland, Grouse Lodge. We passed some beautiful countryside on our way and we arrived there about and hour and a half after we left Dublin Airport at about 11:30am. I soon found my way around the place and bumped into Jenny, Dame Shirley’s personal assistant. A few minutes later, Paul Carey came into the old studio area, he had been swimming. There is a really nice feel about this studio complex. Which is no wonder that so many bands and artists have chosen Grouse Lodge as their studio resort of choice. These artists include about 5 months residency by the late, Michael Jackson and his kids. I hear he had a truly wonderful time living there for that length of time. He wrote some nice notes to everyone at Grouse Lodge when he left and I photographed them whilst I was there. So, back to the now… David Arnold, who is producing the new album was twiddling his knobs in the studio and getting things ready for Dame Shirley Bassey to arrive to finish the last song on the album. Mike Dixon was playing on a grand piano in the studio area whilst being filmed by a BBC crew who were filming for a show with Alan Yentob. Then Dame Shirley walked in to the studio to get her vocals recorded. Whilst this was being recorded I kept a low profile as this was a tricky song for her and things were quite tense.

Alan Yentob arrived from Dublin airport and went straight to the toilet. I heard that he had dropped his Blackberry down the toilet which was a pretty bad start for him. Then he tells us all that he also arrived at the airport without his passport. He had to get things faxed through from BBC and a fax of his passport. He said he also bumped into Damon Albarn from Blur and he also helped identify Alan Yentob to the officials. Anyway, he made it through passport control as the proof of that was that he was standing in front of me here in the middle of Ireland.

After a few raised voices and drama in the studio, it appeared that Dame Shirley had nailed it and she had finished. Now she could relax!! I managed to get about 5-7 seconds of time with Dame Shirley whilst she stood in the vocal booth for me. It really was nearer 5 seconds.

Alan Yentob and his producer Dion Newton then did their best to get DSB to allow them to interview her. This only happened because David Arnold and Mike Dixon stood with her and joined in as well.

The interview was really fabulous. Dame Shirley really started to open up and with help from David and Mike, it was fabulous. I think this will be aired on the BBC in October or November this year. During the interview, we listened to some of the new tracks. I have to say, it sounded absolutely fantastic, really.. So, as soon as the interview was over, Dame Shirley, Paul Carey, Jenny and I retreated to the lounge area in another part of the complex. Dame Shirley was a little cold, so, the open log fire was lit and it all became rather cosy. We all sat and chatted for a while and then I was informed that my driver had arrived to take me back to Dublin.

It appears that it is all systems go and we just now have to patient and wait for further news.

Special thanks to my friend Andre Boon for the fantastic photograph.

new album 2009 a

Shirley Bassey

A voice that is forever

She has sold 135 million records, has been honored by the queen as Dame of the British Empire but is still very ambitious. The 72 year old Shirley has signed a record deal with Geffen Records and her new album will be released this autumn. Fifty years ago she sang “As I love you” her first number-1 hit. Her James Bond songs are unforgettable – Diamonds and Shirley are forever.

2 thoughts on “New Album Recorded”

  1. Hi everybody. Hope you’re fine and happy about this forthcoming album. Everytime I start thinking about this diamond that is about to be released, I start trembling of emotion. Yeah, patience is the best remedy for now, but it is quite difficult to see time passing and mistery on air. Anyway it is a historical moment for music history. Hey fellows, I’d like to have another song dedicated to me. It could be “I Won’t Last A Day Without You” or “Someone Who Cares”. Both songs mean so much to me. Thank you. Hugs my friends…Adoro vocês!!!
    Eddie Star – São Paulo – SP- Brasil


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