Michael Ball


Dear viewers of the blog.

ALW 1993I will be away for a few days to London to see Michael Ball performing at the Royal Albert Hall. Here a performance from Shirley on the Michael Ball show from September 7th. 1994. First Shirley sings “With one look” from the album “Shirley Bassey sing the songs of Andrew LLoyd Webber” after that Shirley and Michael in a duet “When I fall in love”  from  Nat King Cole . I wish everybody a good weekend and I hope you enjoy this performance, until next week: Pieter.







And a knock-out performance from Shirley at the Royal Albert Hall, one we never get tired of:

Another great picture from Shirley at the Royal Albert Hall (1984)

RAH 1984 a

Shirley singing “Nobody does it like me” (and drink a hot CUP of tea)

rah 1984


One thought on “Michael Ball”

  1. Wonderful wonderful to see these clips once more I was probably present at some of these performances at the Albert, but now after all thse years its great to see and hear Shirley at her very best,long may she continue to thrill all her loyal fans with many many more superb performances like the ones at the Albert Hall. Lets face it nobody does it better than DSB. Simply the best, simply magnificent!!


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