Astrid’s Simply Bassey #73

For the blog this week I have chosen two songs taken from a German television programme in the late 1980s. The songs performed are Something and This Is My Life and I particularly love this version of This Is My Life. I hope you enjoy it too and have a great weekend.

Screen Shots from the TV Show





This Is My Life

No Abu Dhabi.


It has been reported in a newspaper in Abu Dhabi that Dame Shirley will not now be appearing there on October 31st.  No reason was given why but stated that a big US artist was expected to be announced as a replacement.

As far as I know she is till expected to perform at the Royal Albert Hall in November for BBC’s Children In Need concert which has been organised by Gary Barlow.

Paul O’Grady has also stated that he will announce something big about Dame Shirley at the beginning of December.

Special thanks to André for the stunning photo.

Exclusive Photos.

SB round3

All the photos that are posted here today are exclusive to The Bassey Blog.  These were taken at the concert by my very good friend André.  He took over 200 and I’m slowly working my way through them all.  I thank you André for taking these photos and allowing me to share them with all Shirley’s fans.

I hope you all enjoy seeing them.

André's Andy Warhol effect!









Simply Stunning!

Simply Stunning
Simply Stunning

What can I say?  If Dame Shirley needed any proof that she is still adored by her fans then 3000 of us certainly gave her that proof last night!  She gave us the performance of her life and blew the roof off the Roundhouse.

Slightly later than expected Shirley took to the stage for her only live performance in the UK this year.  The roar from the crowd was tremendous.  Looking simply stunning in a new silver glittering gown by Julien MacDonald she opened with ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ and then went on to sing ‘I’m Still Here’.  She was in fantastic voice and she obviously was there to enjoy herself and show everyone the reason why she is the greatest entertainer in the world!  Her voice was so strong and powerful and she soon raised the roof of this venue.  She promised some ‘old’ songs and also some new songs from her forthcoming album.  We got ‘Apartment’, After The Rain’,’Girl From Tiger Bay’, ‘The Performance Of My Life’ and ‘Almost There’.  There were no mistakes or fluffing of lines and she sang them with confidence.  For me the highlight of these new songs was ‘Almost There’ and from the reception it received I think it was the highlight for most fans there.  That performance was purely electrifying!  The applause was deafening and she was obviously delighted that the audience loved it.  ‘The Performance Of My Life’ was also superb.  In fact it was awesome. 

We were treated to some old favourites, all with new arrangements.  Each one was greeted with deafening applause. ‘What Now My Love’, ‘As Long As He Needs Me’ etc sounded brilliant.  It was all just so amazing.  The atmosphere was unbelievable and the concert flew by and all too soon she went off stage only reappearing wearing the ‘cape’!  The end was near but the fans wanted much, much more.  ‘Light My Fire’ came and went down a storm only to be followed by a rousing version of ‘I Am What I Am’.  Once again she left the stage but there was one more song to come.  Having taken off the cape she returned to the stage with some roses to throw to the audience and then to tremendous applause launched into ‘Goldfinger’ at the end of which we were showered with pieces of gold foil from the ceiling.  The ovation was very well-earned.  She was in complete control of her voice for the whole of the concert.

I have been to many concerts by Shirley and last nights rates very highly amongst them.  She certainly can show the youngsters a thing or two.  She doesn’t need dancers, backing singers or elaborate stage fittings to entertain.  Madonna, Kylie etc take note – a true entertainer just needs to be able to sing.  She’s 72 but looks and sounds many years younger.  Dame Shirley your fans love you and we want MORE!

For the fans who were unable to attend last night it is to be televised tonight on BBC 2 at 22.40 and will be available by red button from 6.00am tomorrow.  These are for the UK only unfortunately.

In spite of all the worries about ID being required etc this was not the case.  I do not know of anyone who was asked to show ID.  I found all the staff at the Roundhouse extremely helpful and the evening was perfect.

Thank you BBC for the Electric Proms and certainly Dame Shirley’s performance was truely ELECTRIC!SB round1

Special thanks to my friend André for these exclusive photos.  I will be posting more of André’s photos later.

STOP PRESS:- Have just seen today’s Guardian newspaper and it carries a 7 page interview and photograhs of Dame Shirley – Fabulous photos but she was obviously not happy with the way the interview went and so made an early exit.