How insensitive

Hello everyone! Just to let you know that I am  on holiday for a few weeks.  So the blog will be a bit quieter that usual. I will be returning the end of November. I will try to make a post on the blog occasionally but I am sure there will be lots of new and exciting things going on within the next few weeks with the Roundhouse Performance and the new and exciting CD being released. For those who have tickets for the Roundhouse Electric Proms: I hope you all enjoy the concert. Unfortunately I won’t be able to go because of my vacation, which was planned a long time ago. Pieter.

P1010062aEmma and ShirleyHere is a short report of my vacation from 1979. I was in Sardinia and found Shirley’s second home there. A part of the 1972 special “All about Shirley” was recorded here. It was very beautiful and the moment I arrived  “How insensitive”  was played on the local Italian radio-station. It is my all time favourite Shirley Bassey song and it made me feel very happy that it was played on the radio right at that moment. I was even able to record it on tape but unfortunately there was no announcement about Shirley, but there were a few jingles after the song. Here is the song and the jingles.



The Novaks named the house “Tiger Bay”.  




 From the 1979 BBC show Shirley singing: “How insensitive”.

One thought on “How insensitive”

  1. WOW What a performance tonight at the Roundhouse!! Let’s get that party started!!! My wife & I loved it… Thanks Shirley you made a young guy from Pontypridd very pround when I looked down on that Sea of welsh flags!!!!


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