DSB On ‘Imagine’.

Electric Proms

It’s been announced that Dame Shirley will feature in the new series of ‘Imagine’ presented by Alan Yentob which begins on November 17th.  No date has been given though when the programme on dame Shirley will be screened.  This is something to really look forward.  It was reported that he interviewed her when she was in the recording studio in Ireland as she finished recording the new album.  ‘Imagine’ is broadcast on BBC TV.  As soon as a date is announced I will post it so that you will all know to watch it.

STOP PRESS:  Have just read on a BBC site that it is to be screened on 24th November.

At the Roundhouse

Special thanks to my friend André for the photos.

Final Countdown!

The Performance

We are now entering the final countdown towards the release of Dame Shirley Bassey’s new CD ‘The Performance’ in less than a week’s time.  I can imagine most of you, like myself, are extremely excited and cannot wait for Monday (or before if we are lucky to receive it early through the post).  It reminds me of being a child and waiting for Christmas!

The album has been receiving very positive reviews from the critics and there has really been very little negativity aimed at it.  It has been advertised as the first studio album for 20 years but that has now been corrected as the first studio album to contain original material in 20 years which is correct.  Her other studio albums have contained covers.

We have heard a number of the songs played on the radio and ‘live’ at the fantastic Electric Proms (what a night that was!).  We’ve also been able to hear samples of all the songs on Amazon.co.uk.  From what I have heard so far this is going to be an exceptional album and I cannot wait to hear it all in its entirity.  I’m going to have to be strict with myself and play it from beginning to end in sequence as I already know I want to hear several on my audio system.  After that first play then I can play in any order I want!

If there are delays with the post then I’ll be waiting at the door of HMV on Monday morning , money in hand, to get a copy so I can play it immediately.  It’ll be on the car stereo before you know it and I’ll be driving straight home to listen to it in comfort.

I hope you all enjoy this album and let’s hope it is a massive success and gives her the incentive to record more!

Below are 2 photos taken by Fabrice Bana at the Roundhouse.  Many thanks Fabrice.