All Sold Out!

Danny Clifford who took photographs of Dame Shirley recording her new album in the studio this summer had problems getting a copy of it.  He states in his diary for 10/11/09 that he had to go to four or five places before he could buy a copy as they had sold out!  Here is an extract from the entry he made.

Dame Shirley Bassey ‘The Performance’

I have just managed to get a copy of the new Album The performance by the living Legend Dame Shirley Bassey. I went to four or five places but it was sold out, which is mad as it only came out yesterday. I have just payed it and it really is fantastic. I had heard the tracks before as I have been around during the making of this album. The whole project is the brainchild of my mate Paul Carey. He came up with concept about two years ago and here it is. The songs are written by some of the worlds greatest songwriters ad songwriter and producer of this album, David Arnold and of course, Dame Shirley Bassey and you honestly do have a 5 Star Winner.

The rest of the entry continues with more regarding the time he spent in the studio.  To read it all click on the following link.

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