Quick reminder!

Just a quick reminder that Dame Shirley will be appearing on the Paul O’Grady TV show today.  It’s on Channel 4 at 5.00pm.  It is repeated at 6pm on Channel 4+1.  It should prove to be a great show.

To watch Dame Shirley on the Paul O’Grady TV show CLICK HERE with thanks to Stephen for the upload.


7 thoughts on “Quick reminder!”

  1. I love Shirley’s voice, but as an audiophile the quality of her released recordings are always less than good. It is so disapointing that such wonderful talant dose not get well produced.
    I have stoped buying CD’s because of this, they are just unlistenable on a revealing system.
    I do hope this changes while Shirley is still strong of voice and recording!



  2. Well, I’m also an audiophile who would love to see DSB’s catalog re-issued in SACD, or high-rez downloads. But I wouldn’t call the BGO CD reissues, and some other compilations like “Burn My Candle – The Complete Early Years” unlistenable. I haven’t received my “The Performance” CD yet (I hope it’s not lost in the mail) so I can’t comment on that. I also can’t comment on vinyl releases, as I don’t have an analog set-up. But I suspect that there is some truth to what Orrin has written – that in some cases the recording techniques and equipment have not been commensurate with Shirley Bassey’s ability.


  3. About a year ago I wrote to “Stereophile” and asked them to do a piece on DSB, which naturally would focus on her recordings. (It never happened, I am going to remind them to review “The Performance”!) About recording quality, I have noticed here and there examples of less-than-stellar recording jobs (“This Is My Life” [1968] maybe? A little veiled?) but the material is so wonderful that I overlook it. I do think EMI’s CD reissues of “Something”, “Something Else”, and ‘I Capricorn” sound great, as well as most of the other BGO releases. But the point is well taken, Shirley deserves the absolute best when it comes to recording, and maybe this hasn’t been the case 100% of the time. Unfortunately, sometimes sound quality just isn’t the No. 1 priority: http://www.stereophile.com/asweseeit/as_we_see_it_the_spaces_between_the_notes/


  4. I saw Shirley Bassey on the Paul O’Grady show and all I can say is that she is an amazing lady. She has so much class and she is just incredible for 72. What a lady ! No wonder Paul O’Grady loves her !


  5. I am a really new fan of Dame Shirley, she has an amazing presence about her and always looks so happy and of course her voice is amazing, loved her on Paul O’Grady show, loved the dress as well, think that I will pack my bags and head of to Palm Beach to get a glimpse of her!!!!

    Also this site is great, I’m on page 137 and love it, great way to find about Dame Shirley.


  6. Hi David

    I am unable to watch Stephen’s upload because my Avira aniti-virus blocks it.
    How about a Youtube upload please? Thanks.


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