Free CD Today.

Don’t forget to get The Mail On Sunday newspaper today and get the free Dame Shirley CD which is inside the paper.  There are 14 tracks on it and the last 2 are from the new album.  Well worth having.

Mail on Sunday CD
Track Listing

4 thoughts on “Free CD Today.”

  1. hi dame shirley i just bought your great cd the song that keeps singing in my head the girl from tiger bay you must release it as a single ps i loved the electric proms god bless you


  2. There is no other singer like Dame Shirley-i’m so delighted with cd from the Mail-but me being one of her fans i have all her cd’s–I used to know her daughter Samantha quite well -i had many a drink with her-and only knew that she was Shirley’s daughter about six months into our friendship and only a month before her untimely death-Samantha had lots of friends-she came back to my place a couple of times even though i was old enough to be her mum ,I’d make her a sandwich and then drive her home -only along the road from me-and it was such a sad day when I heard the news-as Samantha was such an upbeat girl .I don’t know how she was ever in the area of the Suspension Bridge-because she always stayed local to St John’s Lane and only ever went to either The Cumberland Pub in St.Luke’s Road or The Parkhouse Pub in St.John’s Lane-I never saw Samantha drunk or on any substances ,she was always upbeat and happy. Dame Shirley Bassey is an incredible singer there really is no one like her-the voice is truly amazing and her new album ,well as good as anything she’s recorded-in fact it really was a Shirley week on tv last week-So beautiful and her voice-say no more-an incredible lady-there will never be another legend like her-opera could so easily have been her mantra .She has given her life to music and i admire her so much


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