A Single?

There has been some confusion as to whether a single is to be or indeed has been released from Dame Shirley’s new CD.  Three songs so far have been mentioned as a single … ‘Nice Men’, ‘Apartment’, and ‘This Time’.  However as far as I’m aware there has been no single released to date.  Now there is more confusion thrown into the ring as a promo has surfaced for the song ‘After The Rain’ as the second single from the CD and is to be released on 28th December!  There has been no official confirmation from the record company.  Also it is not available to pre-order on any site.  It all seems very strange but it would be nice if a single was released. 

Photo of 'After The Rain' promo.

Sales of the album have increased in the last week and it climbed 16 places in the charts to No 21.  That is really great news and well done to our Dame.  Although the album has not been officially released in the USA yet it is available in a number of countries around the world.  I’ve seen copies available from Australia, Canada, South Korea, Taiwan and even the Russian Federation.  It has an obi on the Russian CD and looks very nice.  As I collect CDs from around the world I had to buy a copy.

Russian 'The Performance'

I hope the sales of the CD continue and it enters the Top 20 once again.