DSB and Des O’Connor

By special request of Amy we will now review all the performances of Dame Shirley and Des O’Connor.
She says she likes the performances of Dame Shirley and Des very much because they always are very funny and because Dame Shirley always seems very relaxed with Des. They go back a long time and have been on TV. and on shows many times together. Des O’Connor is the only one who’s allowed to call her ‘Shirl’.

Here is Dame Shirley Bassey on ‘An audience with Des o’Connor’ from 2001 and a newpaperclip that was on the official website  a few weeks ago.

That’s right (Love is no game)

In 1984 Shirley Bassey released the single ‘That’s Right (Love is no game)’.
The Belgium producer Eddy Luycks also produced her former single ‘Thought I’d ring you’  with Alain Delon.
The single was released both on vinyl (1984) and CD  (1988).

To listen to the extended version

Astrid’s Simply Bassey #81

This week I’d like to play a song requested by my dear friend Terry, who asked me if i could include the song Ballad of the sad young men on my Simply Bassey. He said: “I love her singing this record from the mid seventies, we don’t hear much about this song but I think she sings it beautifully.” – I agree with you Terry and hope that you enjoy it today.

Ballad Of  The Sad Young Men