That’s right (Love is no game)

In 1984 Shirley Bassey released the single ‘That’s Right (Love is no game)’.
The Belgium producer Eddy Luycks also produced her former single ‘Thought I’d ring you’  with Alain Delon.
The single was released both on vinyl (1984) and CD  (1988).

To listen to the extended version

Astrid’s Simply Bassey #81

This week I’d like to play a song requested by my dear friend Terry, who asked me if i could include the song Ballad of the sad young men on my Simply Bassey. He said: “I love her singing this record from the mid seventies, we don’t hear much about this song but I think she sings it beautifully.” – I agree with you Terry and hope that you enjoy it today.

Ballad Of  The Sad Young Men

If you go away

As a follow up on the last blog’s theme here the remix-version of     ‘If you go away’
Along with a great interview from 1997 with Dame Shirley for the     M & S magazine and some great concert pictures that Jean‘s sister Audrey sent us. Thanks Audrey! Unfortunately we don’t know where or when the pictures were taken. So if there is anybody who knows, please let us know.
It is almost a year ago now since we lost our beloved friend Jean.

P.S: Susan wrote:

Hi Pieter 
Those photos of Shirley on today’s Blog are from the opening night of the 2000 UK Tour, which I believe was Bournemouth? She’s clutching the yellow ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ Beatles TY beanie bear I gave her!!!!!!!! 
Susan xxx
Thanks Susan!

For everybody who is not able to watch the video on YouTube:              (I received a message from YouTube that the video is blocked for some countries) CLICK HERE


Astrid’s Simply Bassey #80

For today’s blog is a particularly personal request from Andrew. Today (15th December) it will be two years since his partner sadly died. Andrew still misses him as if it was yesterday and has asked me to feature the song “If You Go Away” as a tribute to his memory. My thoughts go out to you Andrew on this poignant date.

If You Go Away