‘Bassey’ reissue.

'Bassey' 5CD Set

I remember looking forward to the original release of the 5CD Box Set ‘Bassey’ in 1994 by EMI.  It promised 94 (the box says 93!) digitally remastered tracks of which 14 had never been previously released and also the full length recording of Shirley’s debut concert at Carnegie Hall in February 1964.  I knew of the existence of this recording as it had originally been planned to release it as a ‘live’ album but EMI were not happy with it and recorded her appearance at The Pigalle and released that instead. 

Originally issued in a long box with 4 of the CDs housed in jewel cases and the ‘bonus’ Carnegie CD in a card sleeve there was a booklet included.  This set, released 1st March, is housed in a jewel case that holds all 5 discs and there is a booklet included also.  Depending where you buy the set from the price ranges from £14.99 to £24.99.  It’s also available to buy from sites worldwide. 

It’s great for new fans to be able to purchase this set and also a nice addition for collectors like myself.  There are some glaring omissions which still haven’t been released – one being ‘Runaway’ – which EMI really should be doing something about.  Hopefully we will eventually get everything released.

9 thoughts on “‘Bassey’ reissue.”

  1. You’re so right about “Runaway” I hoped it would be included on the BGO release of “Love, Life And Feelings” as a bonustrack, since the song was released as the b-side of the “Natali” single. Unfortunatly it wasn’t.


  2. I bought this re-issue and uploaded some songs of it (“Vehicle” for example) on YouTube. This 5 CD set is brilliant! Some rare great songs and the live recording of Shirley’s appearance at Carnegie Hall in 1964. A Must Have for every Bassey fan!


  3. I pre-ordered this and received the following:

    Hello from Amazon.com.

    We’re writing about the order you placed on February 05 2010 (Order# 102-xxxxxxx-xxxxxxx). Unfortunately, the release date for the item(s) listed below has changed, and we need to provide you with a new delivery estimate based on the new release date:

    Shirley Bassey “EMI/Ua Years 1959-1979”
    Estimated arrival date: March 15 2010 – March 19 2010

    We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this delay.




  5. How strange I have just read about the box set from EMI and I too had to pay £50 when I first bought it – like the previous comment that was made I agree that times and things have certainly changed – I still have my box set and its been kept in excellent condition
    ….but what a price we fans had to pay when it first came out!

    Mike (love to all the Bassey fans out there)


  6. once again, THANK YOU for keeping us updated with the new DSB releases. seems like this is the only way we know about them in US.
    keep up the good work,


  7. Limited availability, at leas at the moment? I just cancelled my Amazon order, and ordered through Cd Universe, where they said they only have 2 copies, at a price $10 higher than the out-of-stock Amazon.


  8. Just back from a feew days in Brussels where this set was on sale everywhere for €19.99! I too paid 50 quid for the first issue of this set……but have replaced it due to the ‘frosting’ problem on that release…..shame that EMI still have not corrected the mistake of forgetting ‘Runaway’……….. Hopefully this will sell well and we will get a second singles A and B-sides set from them soon.


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