Sir Billi

Dame Shirley recording the title track to the film 'Sir Billi'

I have just read an interview given by Tessa Hartman who with her husband has made the film ‘Sir Billi’.  The film is set to be released later this year and they are putting the finishing touches to it at the moment.  Dame Shirley has already recorded the title track for the film.  If you follow the link you will be able to read the interview.

Astrid’s Simply Bassey #97

This week I’m playing a special request for Gown Guru Ian. He loves
Shirley’s recording of The Hungry Years, released on the Love Life and
Feelings album. I hope you enjoy listening to this recording today

The Hungry Years

Friday 7th May is DSB night!

DSB at The Roundhouse

According to listings for the week  1st – 7th May BBC4 TV are to show 3 programmes starring Dame Shirley!  They are ‘Arena’, the ‘Roundhouse’ concert and one of the shows from the 1976 BBC TV series which featured Bobby Goldsboro and Rod McKuen.  They are due to be shown on Friday 7th May.  Details are as follows:-

22.00hrs – 23.00hrs – ARENA

23.00hrs – 23.45hrs – SHOW FROM 1976 BBC TV  SERIES

23.45hrs – 00.45hrs – ROUNDHOUSE CONCERT

Nearly 3 hours of great Shirley entertainment!  It will be a terrific treat for all Bassey fans.

Please check listings before though in case there are any alterations.

Many thanks to Ed for this information.

After the rain -The Roundhouse-

Gordon from London sent us this wonderful flyer of the Roundhouse BBC Electric Proms from October last year.
I think it gives us an opportunity to review this last performance from Dame Shirley Bassey again because we  never get tired of seeing it.

I chose my favourite song from the album (or should I say CD) After the rain. I would like to thank Gordon and I am sure I speak on behalf of all blog viewers, for sending this for the blog and also for the video-tapes he sent us from which we will see more on the next blogs.

After the rain is written by Richard Hawley and in the booklet of the CD he wrote: “To be asked to contribute a song to Shirley’s album is an honour and also a difficult task as well. I decided to contribute a slow ballad instead of a big sho tune or anything too bombastic. The song is about the clarity you can get after a storm, it’s a very simple song but Shirley has given  a lot to the song I didn’t know as there before. It’s a great honour for me and something I won’t forget.” 

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Dame Shirley talks about her ‘golden handshake’