Astrid’s Simply Bassey #96

This week I’m responding to Lydee’s kind message. She is a relatively
new fan and has requested “I’m Glad There Is You”

This recording is taken from the I’ve Got A Song For You album, recorded 1966.

Lydee said: “I am American, and have just always KNOWN Rosemary
Clooney owned that song, until I stumbled onto Dame Shirley’s. OH my
WORD! Hers is phenomenal.

I hope you enjoy today Lydee.

I’m Glad There Is You


3 thoughts on “Astrid’s Simply Bassey #96”

  1. Well Dame Shirley says it best: I am glad there is you! Thank you Astrid! I am listening to this incredible recording with tears streaming down my face. It is just so beautiful! So rich and dreamy and profound in its statement, it is expertly performed by dear Dame Shirley. I felt so sure, so positive…… so utterly unchangingly certain that particular songs were performed BEST by Barbara Streisand, Liza Minnelli, Doris Day, Peggy Lee, Nancy WIlson but now I have been blessed to hear the incomparable Dame Shirley Bassey. She has rocked my world, everything she sings is golden…my goodness! I am just entralled with her amazing 57 years of performances, and have been making up for lost time. Thank you doesn’t seem to be big enough words to express my appreciation for this lovely site, and all the work you all expend in sharing Dame Shirley with me and the rest of the world. I am so grateful for YouTube.(daanamartina and thorneycroft1937 especially!) You have totally made my day, and I THANK YOU!!


  2. I can well relate to what Lydia wrote. I’m American, too, and It was around 18 months ago that Shirley “rocked my world”, I discovered her clips on YouTube and was just blown away.


  3. I concur with all the above remarks.The work that is done by Astrid and Daanemartina especially are just remarkable. Dame Shirley has been rocking my world for nearly 40 years now and I stand by what I have said on here before.DAME SHIRLEY BASSEY IS THE WORLDS #1 DIVA. Clive


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