Friday 7th May is DSB night!

DSB at The Roundhouse

According to listings for the week  1st – 7th May BBC4 TV are to show 3 programmes starring Dame Shirley!  They are ‘Arena’, the ‘Roundhouse’ concert and one of the shows from the 1976 BBC TV series which featured Bobby Goldsboro and Rod McKuen.  They are due to be shown on Friday 7th May.  Details are as follows:-

22.00hrs – 23.00hrs – ARENA

23.00hrs – 23.45hrs – SHOW FROM 1976 BBC TV  SERIES

23.45hrs – 00.45hrs – ROUNDHOUSE CONCERT

Nearly 3 hours of great Shirley entertainment!  It will be a terrific treat for all Bassey fans.

Please check listings before though in case there are any alterations.

Many thanks to Ed for this information.

4 thoughts on “Friday 7th May is DSB night!”

  1. Good evening to all Fans,

    I have a special request.
    I read the good new<s about the Dame Shirley's shows on BBC4 coming Friday.
    Living in Belgium we are cabled and unfortunatly we don't have BBC 4 amoung the offered TV stations.
    So I'm looking for someone willing to record the shows on tape VHS or DVD.
    It speaks for itself that I pay for the material and the mailing costs.
    I would very much appreciate if you could let me some answer to my mail adres

    With all my affection and kind regards


  2. I live in the US and interested in geeting a dvd copy of Shirley Basseys 3 shows that will be aired May 7th on BBC4 TV can anyone help??


  3. yes, we would like to be able to see the shows in usa also. bbc4 always blocks them.
    why not let us enjoy them too. any one interested in the roadhouse concert, look for dame shirley bassey bbc electric proms dvd on line, there is a dvd for sale( Live at the Roundhouse London ’09) comes from uk it is very good quality. it is $25.usd. there other dsb concert dvds for sale. they are for region two dvd players. but i was able to play it on one of mine for region one. you can purchase multi region dvd players at most electronic outlets and they are very inexpensive
    hope you can find them.


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