Astrid’s Simply Bassey #99

For today’s blog is a request for Teigan, who has requested that I play “Almost Like Being In Love”

Although it has been suggested that Shirley may have recorded this song in the early Sixties, a studio recording of the song has to this day not been released.

And a request from me: Please do send me more of your requests as I’m now running out. Let me know your favourite song or version that you would like to be played, and if it has a particular memory for you. I can only keep this spot on the blog going as long as your requests keep coming in!

I hope you enjoy hearing it today!

Almost Like Being In Love (1987 Live In Berlin)

Bristol Evening Post -Part 3-

Today part three of the Bristol Evening Post from June 26th. 1993.

Next time on the blog the Bristol Evening Post special about Dame Shirley Bassey.