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Shirley Bassey : On TV DVD

Exciting news!  There is to be a new DVD released on 12th July entitled ‘Shirley Bassey: On TV’.  This DVD will comprise of some of her past TV appearances including the Royal Variety Performance.  This DVD is not being released by the BBC so I doubt there will be any clips from her TV series (either of them) on it.  It is still great news for fans who have been asking for something new on DVD for ages.  The following is what have to say about it on their site:

This DVD brings together some of Dame Shirley Bassey’s finest performances, taken from various shows including the Royal Variety Performance and An Audience With.

Dame Shirley Bassey Britain’s biggest female singer performs her greatest hits on this DVD, including Goldfinger, Music, Love Story, Diamonds Are Forever, Kiss Me Honey, Honey, Something, Big Spender, Send In The Clowns and many more.

Featuring Special Guests – Rolf Harris, Englebert Humperdinck and Les Dawson.

It is available to order from HMV (cheapest at the moment),, Zavvi and  The catalogue number is ITNDVD017.

I’m sure if this DVD sells well then it may encourage the BBC to release some of the shows they have of Shirley.  Let’s hope so.

20 thoughts on “New DVD!”

  1. Thank you so very much for this brilliant news. It’s long overdue that Dame Shirley should have a new dvd brought out. There are plenty of clips and shows out there so come on “We Want More” especially when you think of some of the rubbish that has been released – thank you again am going to pre-order now


  2. Im very excited about the new dvd release and will def order. However, I live in the United States and need to know if this will play on my dvd player. If not, can anyone help and advise how can I get a copy to play on my dvd player. I appreciate any help in this matter

    Thankyou, Ed


  3. ED, Thanks as always for keeping us in the loop with developements. Looking forward to getting this DVD to play up loud with the roof down this summer.


  4. Thank you Ed . This is indeed exciting news. After all those years finally what all of DSB fans were waiting for. When we all buy a copy BBC will understand that DSB fans, young and old, never stop loving her. Thanks


  5. Great news – hope it gets lots of pre-release publicity. Maybe DSB will appear on some chat shows (re-visit Paul O’Grady and Graham Norton?) and sing a couple of numbers to promote it.
    To Ed Abramowitz ……. if it is produced only for European Area DVD players you will not be able to play it if your player only plays US region DVDs. It might be worth investing in one of the players specially designed to play DVDs from any region.


  6. Thanks Ed for continuing to keep me informed on Shirley’s news. My daughter is a great
    Shirley Bassey fan, she never used to be but the older she’s got , the more sense he has. I don’t drive anymore and am now religated to a mobility scooter. My dear daughter
    however takes me where I want to go. I’m hoping she will take me to the next Shirley concert, I should have some new hearing aids by then and hopefully may be able to hear what’s being sung.
    Unfortunately she doesn’t have a computer or I would give her your email address.
    Les Voller


  7. How exciting to get another new DVD from our greatest singer in this universe!!! I think it is about time for BBC to release some of their hidden treasures of the Dame. Not all the garbage they released in the BBC shops in Sydney. Please release the – ” Electric Proms and Imagine ” on DVD. Many years ago, I used to send my friends to look for Shirley Bassey DVD in Wales and in England when they went for their tours. Naturally, they came back empty handed!!


  8. Pieter,
    All I can say is thankyou so much for all you have brought to Shirleys followers.
    Clips we may never have seen,and information we may never have known.

    Above all,the JOY you have given to so many.
    Words are not enough my friend !


  9. About time too! Our biggest female star ever and hardly anything on DVD! I have some of my own compilations if anyone is interested.
    PS: Come on now BBC…bring out the series on DVD NOW!


  10. firstly let me say this is awesome news.
    i collect anything i can of our dame so i look forward to it big time.
    secondly to les…i hope you get the opportunity to see shirley again and if you do i dont think you will need your hearing aids lol.
    i have been to many many bassey concerts and her booming voice doesnt really need to much amplification.
    enjoy this new release all the DSB fans.
    clive in Aus


  11. i live in america and i i bought a dvd player so i can play dvds from other countries..what i don’t understand is as big as dsb is how come there are only 2 dvds of her career of 50 years..with all the concerts she has done there should be a library of dvds on her.. and what in the hell is wrong with bbc for not releasing a dvd of her concert at electric proms ? do they have so much money they don’t need to do it ? hell with the $ they can make off dsb dvd they can donate it to charities if they don’t want it. i know dsb would love that, since she is big on charities..


  12. i ordered her new dvd tv and received an email that it won’t be released till 12/2010..why so long ? there must be some one or someway to get bbc to release her concert at the electric proms..does anyone know how to reach dame shirley or her marketing agent..maybe they can help..


  13. I was hoping that the BBC would release the Electric Proms show on DVD but there is a note on The Electric Proms site that the BBC will not be releasing any of the Electric Proms on DVD. Apparently, they do not own the rights to the concerts. The rights are held by the record label of the individaul performers and is is up to the record compnay to do any DVD releases of the concerts.


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