Astrid’s Simply Bassey #101

This week the first of two requests for Mike, who has asked me to play
Where Is Tomorrow, from Shirley Bassey’s 1968 album, This Is My Life.
I agree with you Mike that it is such a longing and beautiful

Thank you so much for the kind words you sent me Mike. It’s such a joy
to have been able to introduce to you some Shirley Bassey recordings
that weren’t familiar to you.

Regarding your questions, as far I’m aware Shirley Bassey hasn’t
recorded Petula Clark’s Kiss Me Goodbye.

Where Is Tomorrow

Bewitching Miss Bassey

The Bewitching Miss Bassey

Monday 24th May saw the release of a CD called ‘The Bewitching Miss Bassey’ on the Hallmark label.  It is a release of Shirley’s Philips 1959  album of the same name.  I was looking forward to this release although I wished they had used the original album artwork.  This is a budget release and I paid £2.99 for my copy.  That is £2.99 too much!!  The quality of the recording is absolutely terrible!  They have taken a copy of an original vinyl copy and just transferred it to CD with clicks, jumps and all!  It really is a shame because the version of ‘The Wall’ is slightly slower than the one that has been released earlier this year.  As I collect all Shirley releases I obviously had to have it.  Unless you are a dedicated collector like myself I recommend that this is one CD you give a miss!  Bewitching it certainly is not.