Astrid’s Simply Bassey #104

Today, following on from last week’s Astrid’s Simply Bassey I shall complete the special request from Steven. The second of the two songs that mean the most to him, Almost There from the Electric Proms Show.

He said of this song: “Almost There – Says it all really – First heard this at the Electric Proms and I had a lump in my throat – It was the whole relationship story, about getting over the hurt and heartache and being able to open up, move on and get on with life, I think from that night on I realised that life does go on – going higher, and I’ll rise so much higher, and I’ll hold my head higher. Almost there.

Thank you for your requests Steven, and for allowing me to share your wonderful stories.

Next week there will be no Astrid’s Simply Bassey as I am away on holiday. In the meantime, please don’t forget to send me your requests!

Almost There (2009 Live)