He Lives In A World Of His Own & Who The Hell?

The song “He lives in a word of his own”  was recorded in 1967 for the United Artists label (from the musical “Oliver”) for the album “I’ve got a song for you” but this song was not included on the actual album.

I made a clip for the song that was on YouTube and some fans made a request for the clip.

Another song that was recorded during the same period and never has been released also is “Who the hell” and you can listen to it here.

Some promotion photo’s from United Artists Records

3 thoughts on “He Lives In A World Of His Own & Who The Hell?”

  1. Thank you so much for “Who The Hell”.
    What a terrific song…….sounds like it was lifted from Broadway.
    But I doubt if it would fit in a Bassey pop album.
    Maybe that’s why it was axed.


  2. Who the Hell, is a real show stopper.
    Shirley was hoping to get Oliver for starring role,she would have been great,but there were problems with her skin colour ! It was like that then….But….there have been black and mixed colours for hundreds of years in the east-end….Very short sited of people then and now.


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