DSB at Wimbledon.

DSB at Wimbledon

Dame Shirley was at Wimbledon last week.  She sat in the Royal Box to watch the ladies single final.  I knew that she been there but this is the first photograph I have managed to find.  Hope you all like it.

5 thoughts on “DSB at Wimbledon.”

  1. I watched that & never heard them say she was there, bad coverage of BBC, she’s our national treasure, like her outfit, very Wimbledon.


  2. I was at wimbledon last week to see the ladies quarter final. I would have loved to be there the same day as the Dame.


  3. I watched womens final on NBC in usa, no mention of Dame Shirley either. Too bad we didn’t get to see her…..Yes she looked very Wimbledon..


  4. Yes dame Shirley looked wonderful – but though it wasnt mentioned that she was at the final – I think she certainly deserves some privacy now so its good that the press gave her a break and let her enjoy what she was there for – the tennis!!


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