Astrid’s Simply Bassey #106

For this week’s Simply Bassey, something different to celebrate the forthcoming hugely exciting Shirley Bassey DVD release – On TV.

I have selected six songs to showcase how great the new DVD sounds. The DVD is set to be a Bassey favourite! I hope you enjoy it.

If you haven’t ordered this fabulous new DVD already…

CLICK HERE to order from Amazon UK
CLICK HERE to order from HMV
CLICK HERE to order from

What About Today (1971)

Sea And Sand (1971)

What I Did For Love (1986)

My Way (1986)

Rhythm Divine (1988)

The Living Tree (2005)

4 thoughts on “Astrid’s Simply Bassey #106”

  1. I could not listen to any of the files,they would not play for me, but I am excited just the same! I can’t wait to see the DVD by some means. I am not sure it will play on my DVD, so I will wait patiently for someone to post a piece here or there. I can’t wait to hear the Sand and Sea song live, and she is wearing an outfit I first saw on this site. She is so sassy! Long Live Dame Shirley! Thank you Astrid!


  2. thanks for the preview Astrid I have had notification my copy is winging it’s way down to New Zealand , now I am even more excited than ever about this release .


  3. Wow. “What About Today” and “Sea and Sand” are two of my favorite songs, and from what I gather they weren’t performed very often, maybe even rarely. I really do hope they make this DVD available to Region 1 (USA & Canada).


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