DVD – Shirley Bassey on TV.

As most of you are aware today should have seen the release of the new DVD – ‘Shirley Bassey on TV’.  Indeed some fans have already received their copies from HMV if they had pre-ordered them.  I received my copy on Friday.  Unfortunately I was one of the unlucky ones who was not able to play it on any of my equipment.  A few lucky fans were able to play it and they have rated it very highly. 

Odeon Entertainment who have released this DVD have been very quick to realise there has been a fault in the manufacture and have withdrawn all copies that had been sent out to sell and are having a new lot manufactured.  They have advised that the faulty DVDs can be returned to themselves and they will replace it as soon as the new DVDs are ready which should be in the next 7 – 10 days.  Fans can also return them to the company from whom they purchased them and get a refund.  The company are genuinely upset fans have had this problem and are keen to put everything right.

I understand that they are planning to release a further two DVDs  by Dame Shirley which can only be good news for all of us.  As soon as I receive my replacement DVD I will review it but as I’ve already said this DVD seems to be very impressive on content, picture and sound quality.