Astrid’s Simply Bassey #107

Today I’m playing a special request for my fellow German, Jonas. He has asked me to play “My Liquidator” – the less well known these from the movie “The Liquidator”

Shirley Bassey sings this more tender version of the title track as the closing screen credits are played during the movie.

Viel Spass Jonas!

The Liquidator (1966) was an M-G-M spy spoof starring Rod Taylor as “Boysie” Oakes, a cowardly assassin who takes orders from Trevor Howard and falls for Howard’s secretary, future “Bond girl” Jill St. John. The film was a black-comic look at the secret agent milieu popularized by the James Bond series, filmed in England and on the French Riviera, directed by noted cinematographer Jack Cardiff, and based on the novel by John Gardner.

Scoring The Liquidator was the composer who would become iconic for another ’60s spy franchise, Mission: Impossible—Lalo Schifrin. The Liquidator was one of Schifrin’s first feature-film assignments, which he tackled with his characteristic jazz/symphonic panache, combining eclectic, tuneful source cues with dramatic, avant-garde score—all with a gloriously ’60s flair. Schifrin did not attempt to emulate the James Bond scores, but provided his own sense of danger and excitement, making use of many of England’s finest jazz players.

The Liquidator soundtrack does acknowledge the James Bond films in one major way, which is the presence of Shirley Bassey (Goldfinger, Diamonds Are Forever) singing the main and end titles. Schifrin wrote a memorable title theme (lyrics by Peter Callendar) which fits gloriously into the ’60s spy-film tradition—an unusual, dance-like melody, almost a tango—and is belted out with gusto by the distinctive Bassey.

Cover Image

This is the title theme of the 1965 movie ‘The Liquidator’ released in December 1965 on the soundtrack album.

This is the end title of the 1965 movie ‘The Liquidator’.


5 thoughts on “Astrid’s Simply Bassey #107”

  1. Distinctive Dame Shirley! She makes everything sound fantastic! I con’t believe that last note. I almost passed out this evening on my last note. I paid a tribute to Dame Shirley this evening by singing GOLDFINGER at a Italian Idol contest! I was sure to announce to all before I started to sing that I just love Shirley Bassey! I know it was the song that did it, but I did make it into the finals. I compete on Sunday evening. Way to go Jonas for requesting this song. Thanks for all of the background information Astrid!


  2. Dear Astrid,

    I’m just back from my holidays and you made me very happy by playing this favourite of mine today. Both songs are fantastic, i like My Liquidator even a bit better than the well known movie theme The Liquidator.
    Thank you very much for all the background information, always much appreciated!
    I did not notice till know that this song was composed by Lalo Schifrin, the Mission Impossible composer, thanks also for the interesting cover image!
    You may like The Liquidator or My Liquidator better but one thing seems clear:
    No singer delivers a spy movie theme like our Dame Shirley!!!

    Vielen Dank und liebe Grüße,



  3. Thank you Astrid for playing this gentler version of The Liquidator. I have never heard it before. Is it on CD? I like it better than the rough version.

    Astrid, can you please play the fast discofied version of Moonraker for me?
    I have not heard it since I last watched the movie when it was first released.
    I have forgotten how it sounds like.


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