Dame Shirley in Monaco.

Dame Shirley in Monaco

Dame Shirley is pictured in Monaco where she attended the 2010 Annual FightAIDS Monaco gala dinner on 16th July.  She’s looking very relaxed.

Dame Shirley and guest.

Thank you to Jonas for this second photo.

9 thoughts on “Dame Shirley in Monaco.”

  1. She looks wonderful! Absolutely stunning! There of course is only one Dame Shirley, but something about the expression on her face looks like a perfect mix between a young Liz Taylor and a current Dame Helen Mirren. I hope she is relaxing, she sure deserves it! Thanks for this post.


  2. She looks gorgeous – and she lost some pounds (again hehe) – absolutely terrific! Isn’t this dress one of those off her last CD photoshoot?..


  3. Shirley looks as lovely as ever. I have her address but do not want to put it out on the site. I wrote to her in Feb and received a beautiful photo signed, with a small message.


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