Zu Gast in Berlin

Today another request. Several fans asked for “My way” from the 1987 concert in Berlin and it is one of the best live versions ever. The concert was in honour of 750 years of Berlin.
Also for you to watch a great version of “This is my life” which concludes this wonderful concert that was broadcast in Eastern (at the time) Germany. The concert was broadcast in its original form and nothing was edited out, which rarely happens.
Also for you to listen the rare American disco version from 1979 of “This is my life”.

From Ian our ‘Gown Guru’ about the dress Dame Shirley Bassey is wearing for this concert:

This gown was designed by Sara Perceval around 1983, Sara did all of the lace chiffon gowns for DSB in the 90’s. We call it the Cockeral Gown for obvious reasons. The gown was worn at Blazers in London in 1984, on British tv in 1987 and in Berlin in 1987 and several other occasions in the late 80’s. It was sadly destroyed in a fire in the early 90’s!


This Is My Life (Disco) (1979) (Gianatos US Maxi Version)   6:19

To watch the video click the picture on the right.

3 thoughts on “Zu Gast in Berlin”

  1. Thank you Pieter. I rather think that the lovely red gown Dame Shirley is wearing is tha same gown she wore on the Muppet Show in 1980.


  2. Hey Pieter,
    This is indeed one of the best performances of My Way. It gives me goose pimps.
    It proves that indeed Dame Shirley is the best female performer not for only yesterdays generation but also for to-days generation. Thank you Pieter, you’ll hear from me soon.


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