Astrid’s Simply Bassey #108

For this week’s Astrid’s Simply Bassey I’m responding to a lovely message from Ewald.

“For all her fans and those who are not but will become fans let us hear one of her great interpretations of “And I love You So”. For me great and sweet memory for others a tip to learn how great Dame Shirley’s talent is. Whatever she undertakes there’s always that little IT that makes it her song.”

I hope you enjoy the versions I have chosen for you today Ewald and thanks for your message.

Cover Image

 “And I Love You So” Album 1972

 “And I Love You So” 1990 Live From The Costa Del Sol

3 thoughts on “Astrid’s Simply Bassey #108”

  1. She is just so cute. That is the end of my Spanish she says. Too cute. Granted, it is a beautiful song by Don Mclean to begin with. But it takes our lovely Dame Shirely to sing it so convincely. I saw Don perform it himself a few years ago, I thought it was a pretty melody, but when I heard DSB sing it, I took note of the words and was moved to tears. Her voice adds such depth and meaning. She is amazing. Thanks for this fantastic post Astrid.


  2. Dear Astrid,
    Thank you for this lovely moment. It takes me back years ago, when I saw Dame Shirley for the first time in Antwerp. Though she performed years before in a variety theatre in Antwerp it was her first great concert in the Elisabeth Hall. A fantastic audience, all dressed up for the occasion, and a performance to never forget.
    Best wishes and thanks again.


  3. Hey all DSB fans,
    It is fantastic how we communicate without knowing each other. We have one thing in common our love , affection and appreciation for Dame Shirley.
    I looked over all the old programm books and found the one where after too many years Dame Shirley performed again in Antwerp. On that particular day DSB wasd performing in Antwerp and Diana Ross in Brussels. I wanted to see both but my heart went to Shirley (as usual). What a suprising eveving this was. SO I remember her singing “Wind beneath my wings” . Knowning the song from Bette Middler this was a revelation to me because Dame Shirley brought this with such an insiide feeling, this song telling a part of the story of her life, going very deep in her heart and her mind.
    Never heard a better interpretation of that particular song. In my mind I was also that bird with open wings leaving a shadow behind me.
    I wish all the best to all DSB fans and particularly to Ed, Pieter and Astrid



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