DSB at Wimbledon.

DSB at Wimbledon

Dame Shirley was at Wimbledon last week.  She sat in the Royal Box to watch the ladies single final.  I knew that she been there but this is the first photograph I have managed to find.  Hope you all like it.

Astrid’s Simply Bassey #105

Today I’m playing a request for Peter, which is also a favourite of mine – “I’d Do It All Again”

This wonderful song was released by Shirley on her 1972 album And I Love You So.

Interestingly this song was also recorded by South African artist Gé Korsten as “Dink Somtyds Nog Aan My” on his album ‘Liefling’ – this version is recorded in the Afrikaans language.

I’d Do It All Again

He Lives In A World Of His Own & Who The Hell?

The song “He lives in a word of his own”  was recorded in 1967 for the United Artists label (from the musical “Oliver”) for the album “I’ve got a song for you” but this song was not included on the actual album.

I made a clip for the song that was on YouTube and some fans made a request for the clip.

Another song that was recorded during the same period and never has been released also is “Who the hell” and you can listen to it here.

Some promotion photo’s from United Artists Records