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Today a request by Michael from Toronto: Michael wrote:
Pieter I am so happy to see your videos being posted again. Without them, I lost a great source of company and comfort! Thank you for continuing to share the wonderful world of DSB with us.
Could you possibly post “What now my love/If I never sing another song” from the Amsterdam ’80 show? This show is DSB at the top of her game, IMO. These two songs were my particular favourites.
Many thanks,
Michael from Toronto.



They use to call her the tigress of Tiger Bay in the dusty neighbourhood of cole-town Cardiff where she was born in 1937 as a daughter of a Nigerian seaman and an English mother. Now the whole world knows her as SHIRLEY BASSEY, the stunning and sensual singer of great songs like: ‘Hey, big spender, Goldfinger and Diamonds are forever’.

Shirley was in our country some time ago to do two gala concerts in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

The concert in Amsterdam, on the 5th. of April was recorded for television and is being broadcast next Saturday.

“It is a reflection of her superb performance in a sold out venue with an audience that is cheering her” says director Fred Rombouts.

“It was the kind of atmosphere you never capture in a television studio, it only works during a live recording. If that atmosphere can be seen on television than I have succeeded”.

Shirley Bassey features songs like: ‘Stargazer, Something, New York-medley & This is my life”

Her performances in Holland are part of a short tour through the BENELUX.

Rumours  that Shirley wants to stop singing are definitely not true. Last year, the 43-year-old singer became a grandmother. She is and remains, active. She is recording a series of shows in England and she also was star-guest on the Muppet show some time ago. It is an episode of the Muppet-show that has not been televised here yet but we are looking forward to it very much.

(Picture by John den Outer)

The song “If I never sing another song” was written by Udo Jügens and was originally called “Illusionen”.

Above a newspaper clip from a German newspaper that reads:

Udo Jügens can be very proud!  Five world stars are competing for the song “Illusionen” that Udo wrote years ago for the unforgettable Alexandra. They are: Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, Andy Williams and Shirley Bassey. The competion was won by Shirley Bassey. The male stars all wanted to sing the english version. For Shirley Bassey it is her second song from Udo Jürgens for he also wrote her hit “Reach for the stars” which she recorded ten years ago. Now Udo and Shirley are together in London to talk about their collaboration.

To watch a previous post about “If I never sing another song”

 CLICK HERE  please.

Below two newspaper scans from 1962 about how Shirley found “What now my love”.

To watch the video click the picture below please.

Note: I was present at this great concert in Amsterdam and every fan in Holland was very excited that it was being televised.
A few weeks later I was sitting in front of the TV. in great anticipation with the VCR ready. Than suddenly there was an announcement that the broadcast was postponed, something I never heard of before and it was the most dreadful moment of course. They did not say when it would be broadcast but finally it was on TV. a week or so later.

3 thoughts on “Gala of the year”

  1. Ik herinner mij een interview in de televizier, dat zij zwaar verkouden was, moest alles op de zelfde dag van dit concert reperteren, omdat het bladmuziek nog niet aanwezig was, en dan zo’n geweldig concert geven (ik was daar bij!) grote klasse.
    Rember she had an interview while rehearsing four (4!!) hours that afternoon, becausee the sheets of the music were to late, and having a bad cold also !She did actually two concerts at one day, I was there she is A real DIVA!!!


  2. Does anybody know how I can get a copy of the photograph taken of Shirley at the Concertgebouw by John Den Outer, or if it is possible to contact him for a copy?



  3. Hallo Pieter,
    Yes me again. Enjoying your videos more and more. I was just thinking that we are getting older, and with us the movie stars and the singers. Everytime when we are going to a concert we are hoping to find back the voice from years ago. Sometimes deceiving. With one exeption Dame Shirley. She proved it by giving HER concert “The greatest Perfomance” The voice is stronger than ever the perfomance just extraordinary. Maybe you give us the chance Pieter to see the performance of
    “WHO WANTS TO LIVE FOREVER” which also highlighted DSB performance on modern song writers. She is just THE PERFORMER for us older but certainly also for all youngsters who want to love real performance and entertainment. With kind regards


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