DSB & Elvis

Today’s blog is on a lighter note and all things about Dame Shirley and The King.

This week a rare and great clip appeared on YouTube where Shirley Bassey is being interviewed at an Elvis Presley concert.

On her album from 1977 (The year Elvis died) called: “You take my heart away”, Shirley sang one of his songs. Here you can watch and listen to the song: “Can’t help falling in love”. (written by George David Weiss)

In the Paul Sexton interviews from last year that Dame Shirley gave shortly before the Electric Proms, she talks about Elvis and how he doodled on her belly. 

Carl from New Zealand sent us this picture of Dame Shirley wearing one of her famous jump suites.

There was another occasion where Shirley met the King and was being introduced to him in his dressing room.

Elvis and Shirley share the same birthday but there was also a big secret Shirley did not dare to share with Elvis.

It was very dark in Elvis’ dressing room and coming out of the light, Shirley could not see where she sat down.

It was on Elvis record player and it broke.

And last but not least Dame Shirley on the Graham Norton show from 2003 where she also talks about Elvis. 

(Special thanks to Audrey for the newspaper article)