Astrid’s Simply Bassey #112

Today the first of three requests for John. The first one is an often overlooked studio recording from Shirley’s 1974 album “Nobody Does It Like Me” – Davy. This beautiful duet was recorded with singer and songwriter Bernard Ighner, who also recorded this duet with singer Marlena Shaw, for whom he wrote a number of songs.

LP Cover Image

Davy: (Benard Ighner also played Guitar on “Davy”)


Davy, don’t be foolish
Won’t you stay and hear me through?
Ain’t no need in running
Don’t you know we do love you?
Yeah we do you know we do
We worry about you

Davy, Mama’s worried
About the things you get into
Davy, there’s no future
In the things you want to do
Hear me through, you know it’s true
We worry about you

And there’s gonna be some times
You wish you’d stayed at home
And there’s gonna be some times
You’re out there all alone
Oh Davy, my Davy

If you ever need a friend
And you have no place to go
And you’re tired of all your running
And you’re tired of all your roaming
And you miss the ones who love you
Come on home
Come on home
Come on home

Davy don’t be foolish
Davy don’t be foolish

2 thoughts on “Astrid’s Simply Bassey #112”

  1. This is my fist time hearing this lovely song. It is fantatastic. I love it! I wish their were more duets of hers. This man’s voice is a great song with Dame Shirley’s. The arrangement is wonderful too. Thanks for sharing another gem Astrid. I have had computer problems and have been traveling to places where I have had no internet access. I have missed you guys! Your site is always so refreshing to my day. Thank you.


  2. I like this song alot. It has a very Nina Simone vibe – dramatic but soulful. I get so amped by the fire and bombast of her best performances, sometimes I forget that she can do quiet and stirring, too.


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